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Ars Antiqua Riga

(2013 )


The early music ensemble Ars Antiqua Riga has been performing for almost ten years, faithfully preserving and cultivating interest in multi-voice and ensemble singing. The members of Ars Antiqua Riga are classically trained singers and conductors - artists from Latvian professional choirs. 

The ensemble is led by conductor and singer Pēteris Vaickovskis.

Ars Antiqua Riga core repertoire consists of Western European late medieval and Renaissance vocal polyphony, as well as contemporary music referencing early music. The ensemble’s mission to bring music to people is also important, playing music not only in big cities but in small towns as well.

One of the ensemble’s most-played concert programs is Luther and his Contemporaries, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. 

Mass and Interludes L’homme armé by Uģis Prauliņš is the ensemble’s debut album (2022).

photo@Lita Millere