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Kārlis Rudra Jirgens

Kārlis Rudra Jirgens is a Latvian busker who has spent much of his life travelling. He plays many diff erent folk instruments and has developed his own style by experimenting with their sounds. He oſt en performs solo, and therefore his music directly refl ects his worldview. Jirgens’ album Till Now predominantly features the kokle, which he plays in an intriguing and virtuosic manner. He accompanies this traditional Latvian instrument with Indian bansuri fl utes, bagpipes, percussion and other instruments. “Sunrise” is an aural painting. “Aſt er the darkness comes light, and aſt er the night comes day, with an optimistic, life-affi rming calmness. Everything awakens, the birds greet the sun, and the bagpipes ceremoniously begin to play,” Jirgens describes the composition.

Photo Credit: Eliora Photography