LMIC radio

Raimonds Pauls trio

The presence of jazz has always been palpable in Raimonds Pauls’ musical style. In 1964, Raimonds Pauls became the leader of the Rigas Estrades Orkestris (REO), and in 1965 and 1966, he, along with his trio, recorded instrumental jazz suites in a Latvian Radio studio. These are stylistically varying compositions performed for the first time in the Great Hall of the Latvian Philharmonic in 1967. The pure and lively sources of Raimonds Pauls’ music can be heard in these recordings — melodic simplicity and emotional warmth. This album is a lasting testament to the fact that in the annals of music history, not only Raimonds Pauls remains an author of beloved pop songs but as a great jazz composer and a pianist gifted with his unique style. These jazz recordings form the cornerstones of Maestro’s musical legacy. Original master tapes of this release restored by «Jersika Records» are the property of Latvian Radio Archive Recordings (Latvijas Radio arhīva ieraksti).