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The band Zari comes from the city of Liepāja, the rock capital of Latvia. Its sound, which the band members call ‘folktronic’, is unique on the Latvian ethnic music scene.

It’s been five years since Zari’s album Sazaroti (Branched Out, 2017), and last year the band released a new album, called Odzīte (Little Adder). It contains only five tracks, but the length of the record is almost 40 minutes. Synthesised effects create unhurried aural paintings that prepare the listener for traditional folk lyrics performed in several different styles. The mystical world conjured by the electronic instruments is carried forward by the drums, guitar and bass of this alternative rock trio. The folk song texts emerge like the sound of the world, like magical formulas whispered by living and inanimate nature – the environment we humans live in. The melodies are composed by Zari singer Ieva Dreimane, arranged by musician Zigmārs Miemis, and interpreted by the band members on their respective instruments. Odzīte is also available on vinyl.