LMIC radio

Ināra Brīnuma

(24.05.1958 )


Ināra Brīnuma became musician of the viola group of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra in 1978; in 1985 she was appointed the leading viola player. Together with the orchestra she has toured the former Soviet Union, Europe and Gibraltar. She started studying music at Em. Darzins’ Music school (teacher Evars Lielbārdis), then graduated from J. Vitols’ Latvian State Conservatory (the present Latvain Music Academy) where she studied with Professor Bernhards Tiltins. She has gained success at several international and the USSR competitions (1979, Budapest, diploma and a special prize For the cleanness of style; 1980, Lvov, diploma). As a soloist she has participated in several radio recordings, and for almost ten years she has been a member of the String quartet of the Latvian Music Academy. Since 1990 I. Brīnuma has been taken on the staff at Jaz. Vitols’ Latvian Music Academy, since 1991 – also at Em. Darzins Music School.