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Vadim Dmitrijev

Vadims Dmitrijevs is a Latvian jazz trombone player and songwriter currently based in Hamburg. At the young age of 23, he has already proven to be a prominent, promising soloist performing as a member of the Latvian Radio Big Band as well as making appearances with other locally known musicians and bands. Dmitrijevs is also a bandleader, giving many small performances with various jazz projects of his own. His debut album, Chapter I, has received praise from local music critics as well as audiences. The album features a younger generation of Latvian jazz musicians and consists of eight stylistically different musical pieces, each dedicated to a specific emotional memory of its author. Dmitrijevs moved to Hamburg in October 2021 to pursue his master’s degree in jazz music. During his first semester of studies, he has already performed with such artists as Tino Derado, Rudi Mahall, John Schroeder, and Matthias Schubert.