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"Pastorāle" (Pastorale)

Created Year: 1972
Genre: Instrumental chamber music
Ilgums: 00:03:12
Instrumentation: piano, flute

Premiered February 28th 1980 in the Latvian Academy of Music • Nora Novika, Rafi Haradžanjans
 ▪ In the collection Latvijas padomju komponistu skaņdarbu krājums koka pūšaminstrumentiem (Collection of Works for Woodwinds by Composers of Soviet Latvia), compiled by V. Utkins. – Riga: Methodological Cabinet of the Ministry of Culture, 1978
 ▪ In the collection Pjesy kompozitorov Pribaltiki dlja dvuh fortepiano (Works for Two Pianos by Composers of the Baltic Republics), compiled by R. Haradžanjan and N. Novik. – Leningrad: Muzyka, 1982