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2. May, 2024

On 3 August at 18:00 the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra invites to come together in music in the White Hall of Rundāle Palace, where music composed by the Viennese classics Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven will be played under the direction of the conductor Guntis Kuzma, complemented by the Concerto grosso written by the Latvian contemporary composer Arturs Maskats. 

Mozart's “A Little Night Music” is one of composer's most popular pieces also much fancied by the audience, the melodies and harmonies of which are familiar even to those who take absolutely no interest in classical music. This serenade will fascinate you with its light and graceful elegance, in which the composer's imagination has gathered a rich palette of themes, creating light, elegant, lyrical and sophisticated secular music.

Concerto grosso composed by Arturs Maskats is a modern interpretation of the baroque concerto grosso genre, where groups of instruments or soloists interact with the entire orchestra, and in Maskats’ composition classical traditions intertwine with bright and dynamic melodies, creating an exciting and unusual listening experience. 

On a massive scale Beethoven's Symphony No.6, bearing the subtitle “Pastoral Symphony or Memory of Life in the Countryside” given to it by the composer himself, will be played in the White Hall of Rundāle Palace, and it is the composer's tribute to the beauty and peace of nature. Inspired by his own long walks in the great outdoors, Beethoven depicts various sounds of nature and landscapes in the symphony, creating an emotional and picturesque musical story.