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All public events cancelled, state of emergency in effect in Latvia

10. November, 2020

As the number of people affected by the new Corona virus continue to rise, Latvian government has declared a national state of emergency in an effort to curb the violent spread of the COVID-19 decease.

The new regulations forbid all public gathering indoors for people more than 10 people, additionally limiting them to no more than 2 households. All public concerts, performances and events have been cancelled. State of emergency takes effect on November 9 and will continue until December 6.

In the meantime, Ministry of Culture invites the audience to enjoy the vast digital recourse Latvian culture organizations have to offer and have assembled them under a uniting tag #Ēkultūra. The resources are available HERE

Don’t miss the concert performances of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra on their new digital concert hall platform, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra performances and interviews as well as the newest recordings our own National label SKANi has to offer.