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Latvia opens up to public events

10. June, 2020

As COVID-19 active cases are steadily on the decline in Latvia over the past weeks and the number of affected remains very low, the government has changed the regulations governing the organization and attendance of public events. 

Until the end of June the new regulations allow for 100 attendees for indoor events and 300 attendees outdoor events.  

For the month of July, the number of allowed attendees rise - limit of 100 persons per event remain only for spaces less than 1000 m2, larger venues will be allowed to host 500 visitors, provided there is a minimum of 4m2 space per person available. Outdoor events will be limited to 1000 attendees.

Starting from the month of August, the smaller venues (under 1000 m2) will be able to host 250 people, limitations for larger and outdoor venues will remain the same. 

Source: www.covid19.gov.lv