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Latvia suspends all cultural events and gatherings

13. March, 2020

In view of the global situation caused by Covid-19 and the potential risks in Latvia, an emergency situation is announced in the country from 12 March to 14 April.

In order to limit the spread of the virus, a number of precautions will be taken during this period, incl. distance learning in all schools will be introduced from 13 March. The only exception is the centralised state exams, which will be carried out on site - in schools.

In addition, trainings, competitions and rehearsals held within the framework of cultural, sports and interest- related education programmes have to be discontinued during the period of emergency situation.

This means that all cultural events, including festivals, competitions, performances and concerts have been canceled. 

In the meanwhile, stay home if you can, stay healthy and calm and enjoy the beautiful opportunity to LISTEN to Latvian music via digital services.