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Latvian Symphonic Music. Catalogue 1880-2008

5. May, 2022

The catalogue is aimed at performing artists, particularly conductors, musicologists, concert organisers and other people interested in Latvian symphonic music.
The main objective is to provide an insight into Latvian symphonic music as a whole, and therefore, not all the works included are necessarily of a high artistic quality. Many of them only have some form of cultural-historical significance – for example, works with soviet themes, which are unlikely to be performed nowadays, but which were significant at the time they were composed.
The catalogue includes works on a selective basis starting from the period of national awakening, i.e. from Jurjānu Andrejs’ compositions to works by composers born up to the 1970s, that is to say, works composed between 1880 and 2008.
The catalogue comprises two parts: symphonic and vocal symphonic music. Composers’ names have been arranged alphabetically, but the works are in chronological order. The first three pages of the catalogue contain tables of abbreviations: the first contains general abbreviations, the second – abbreviations of the scoring and the third – abbreviations of the titles of music publishers, libraries and music collections.