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Premiere of the ballet "La Fille mal gardée"

27. October, 2023

On November 10th, the Latvian National Ballet invites you to the first production of the season – the splendid and joyful ballet "La Fille mal gardée" with the choreography by Frederick Ashton and music composed by Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold, arranged by John Lanchbery. In Riga, the ballet is staged by Jean-Christophe Lesage, and the artistic supervision of this new production is under the responsibility of the ballet's rights holder, Jean-Pierre Gasquet. The music director and conductor of the production is Farhads Stade.

The ballet tells the story of Lise, the only daughter of the widow Simone. She wants to marry her off to Alain, the son of a wealthy landowner. However, Lise is in love with the young farmer Colas. Although Simone does her best to keep her daughter and Colas apart, the lovers find their way to be together, and Simone is forced to accept her daughter’s choice.

The role of Lise will be interpreted by Jūlija Brauere, Sabīne Strokša, Elza Leimane, Jolanta Lubēja and Annija Kopštāle; Colas by Philip Fedulov, Darius Florian Catana, Viktors Seiko, Aeden William Conefrey and Kārlis Cīrulis; widow Simone by Antons Freimans and Andris Pudāns; Alain by Aleksandrs Osadčijs and Fabio Sonzogni. 

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