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25. January, 2023

On Maundy Thursday, on 6 April at 19:00 the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with the State Academic Choir “Latvija” and soprano Jolanta Strikaite under the direction of the conductor Māris Sirmais will play the symphony “Stations of the Cross” by Kārlis Lācis.

At the concert “Waiting for an Easter miracle”, the composer Kārlis Lācis himself will play the piano part of the symphony, inviting the audience to engage in a musical reflection on the mundane and transcendental issues.
Lightness and poignancy intertwine in the symphony “Stations of the Cross”, which premiered in 2015. The initiator of creation of the work is Māris Sirmais, the artistic director of the State Academic Choir “Latvija”, who has already had successful creative cooperation with Kārlis Lācis multiple times.

“These are semiotic reflections on the Station of the Cross in terms of contrast between era and personality,” says Kārlis Lācis about the symphony, “The Stations of the Cross as an illustrative example given by Christ, a metaphor destined to remain within the walls of the church. Why does a Man need a Saviour? Is it to shift the responsibility from yourself to someone who will hopefully come as a Saviour? How many lone wolves with scarred bodies will stop and hear the voice of their soul? How many people will change? Am I close to God or has he yet to call me?”

The single-part concert will begin with one of the superhits of symphonic music – Gustav Mahler's Adagietto from the Symphony No.5, a dreamily lyrical love letter to composer’s wife Alma. The Adagietto is like a well of light in this symphony, which starts off with a heroic struggle and turns into a funeral march.

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