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"The Birds’ Opera" by Jānis Lūsēns and Māra Zālīte returns to the repertoire of the Latvian National Opera

15. December, 2023

"The Birds’ Opera", created by the composer Jānis Lūsēns and librettist Māra Zālīte, will once again be performed on the stage of the Latvian National Opera starting from January 11, 2024. The music director and conductor of the production is Andris Veismanis. The production of "The Birds’ Opera" was created by stage director Baņuta Rubesa, director of the revival and choreographer Elita Bukovska, set designer Ieva Jurjāne, costume designer Kristīne Jurjāne and lighting designer Paul Mathiesen.

"The Birds’ Opera" premiered in 2000 and has been performed more than 150 times since then. It has undergone several revivals, becoming one of Latvia's all-time favorite shows for children.

The kindhearted Doctor Doolittle and his friends are always ready to help someone in need. The colourful birds and resourceful animals always stand strong: they solve the mysterious disappearance of a canary, are quick to put out a fire and even put on a fantastic opera! A long-awaited event for our littlest audience members, one of the most popular shows returns to the stage to delight with the music of Jānis Lūsēns and lyrics by Māra Zālīte, and to remind us of the value of friendship and music.

The roles of birds, animals, and humans will be portrayed by the soloists and choir artists of the Latvian National Opera: Dana Bramane, Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča, Ilona Bagele, Dace Bērziņa, Laura Grecka, Gundega Ādamsone, Raimonds Bramanis, Andris Ludvigs, Dainis Kalnačs, Juris Ādamsons, Rihards Millers, Andris Lapiņš, Andris Kipļuks, Krišjānis Norvelis, Rihards Mačanovskis, Kārlis Saržants, Kalvis Kalniņš, Armands Siliņš-Bergmanis, Viesturs Vītols and guest artist Atis Ieviņš, among others.