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31. July, 2023

On 5 August the Rundāle Palace will host the “Sounds of Liepāja in Rundāle Palace” Festival organised by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra. 

This year, the Festival programme will include three events, so that the audience can enjoy not only the magic of symphonic music by Johannes Brahms and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,  but also a magical night concert featuring music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and Benjamin Britten. 

The Festival will begin with a concert discussion, where Orests Silabriedis accompanied by the art historian Imants Lancmanis and the philosopher Uldis Tīrons, will discuss the inherited and lost things from the ancient world, the classicism era and the contemporary time.

In the meditative closing concert of the “Liepāja Sounds in Rundāle Palace” Festival, the French Garden of Rundāle Palace will magically light up and be filled with music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Benjamin Britten. 

The music will take the audience on a journey through time and space, revealing the new colours and moods of the facade of the Rundāle Palace and the fountain of the French Garden. 

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