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10. November, 2023

At the Liepāja International Star Festival closing concert, which will be held next spring, on 23 March 2024, Italian opera genius Giuseppe Verdi's “Requiem” will be performed – a monumental piece of spiritual vocal and instrumental music, in which the composer has put all his talent as a genius melodist and master of musical form dramaturgy.

Together with the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, the State Academic Choir “Latvija” and an international ensemble of soloists consisting of Ukrainian tenor Oleksandr Chuvpilo and the Latvian National Opera soloist, bass baritone Rihards Mačanovskis, will take the stage of the “Lielais dzintars” Concert Hall. Atvars Lakstīgala will take the place at the conductor's desk.

The lyrical Ukrainian tenor Oleksandr Chuvpilo is a soloist of the Kyiv National Academic Theatre of Operetta and singer with a wide vocal range and diverse repertoire. The singer has also visited Latvia several times, including his performance at the Operetta Festival in Ikšķile, and is a favourite of the public both at home and during his visits abroad.

Bass baritone Rihards Mačanovskis has been the Latvian National Opera soloist since 2003. The singer's performance in 2012 and 2014 was appreciated with the Latvijas Gāze Award in the nomination “Best Opera Soloist”, while in 2013 he received the Pauls Sakss’ Appreciation Award, and he was also nominated for the Grand Music Award 2013 for the excellent performance of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's romances in cooperation with pianist Mārtis Zilberts.

Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem is often referred to as another opera by Verdi, because the abundance of contrasts, the dramaturgical tension and the diverse interplay of solo voices, ensembles and the choir is so emotionally strong.

Verdi's Requiem is a dedication to the memory of the Italian poet and prose writer Alessandro Manconi (1785-1873), and is not so much of a mirror of eternal light, but more of a dramatic opus that provokes secular reflections, letting the listener go through unforgettable moments of emotional experience.

The 32nd Liepāja International Stars Festival will take place next spring, from March 9 to 23, in Liepāja concert hall "Lielais dzintars".

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