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World premiere: Concerto for harp and percussion

17. November, 2021

Do not miss the wonderful reunion of the outstanding Estonian conductor Risto Joost and Liepāja Symphony Orchestra performing Symphony No. 1 by the introvert Finnish genius Jean Sibelius and one of the best known compositions of the Estonian composer Heino Eller, the symphonic poem “Koit” (“Dawn”). To continue, listeners will also witness a world premiere of RIhards Dubra’s double concert for harp and percussion, which is a new version of a concerto for the Latvian plucked string instrument kokle written earlier. To honour the first-performers of this concerto–the bright musicians of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, Marta Kauliņa-Pelnēna and Dārta Tisenkopfa-Muselli–, the author has named the composition Concerto for Two Ladies (“Concerto pour Deux Dames”).

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