Sounds and echoes


Diāna Zandberga - piano




Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

Allegheny Air and Dance

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

"Two dreams"/"Dos Sueños"

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

"Mistakenly I Entered"

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

"The Kokle's Song"

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

"The Red Balloon"

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

Music from the Ballet Edith

Dace Aperans (Stauvers)

Romance from the musical "Green Star"


LMIC 044

"At times, it seems to me, that nature, poetry, memories and moods refect a very special inner music. My compositional process is rooted in this inner music’s perception and development. I am deeply grateful to Diāna Zandberga for inviting me to compose many of my solo works for her concert programs and for her outstanding solo piano arrangements of my compositions for two pianos and other ensembles. Her nuanced, passionate and virtuosic interpretations have been a wonderful source of inspiration to me, as well as her great dedication to this album of my piano music Sounds and Echoes."

Dace Aperāne