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Chamber Symphonies


Sinfonietta Rīga - chamber orchestra
Normunds Šnē - conductor





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Andris Dzenītis

Chamber symphony "SIN(Fonietta)"

Anitra Tumševica

Chamber symphony "Die Stimme" (Voice)

Linda Leimane

Chamber symphony "Guesstimations"


LMIC 059

"Several years ago we approached our contemporaries, our master composers, and invited them to embark on a journey of the imagination in a direction that is as yet relatively unfamiliar to Latvian music. The chamber symphony – significant ideas for a smaller orchestra – turned out to be a tempting challenge!

Latvia has never before had an ensemble like Sinfonietta Rīga. Our repertoire is being created today, and the ensemble regards this as a strategic and responsible mission.

The compositions on this recording are significant and enduring. We believe that they reflect the unique style of each composer in a vivid and exciting way, allowing no compromises. They have revealed luscious colours and enchanting lightness and nuance in the orchestra’s sound.

This dialogue is nowhere near its end, and we can expect many more unique revelations and creative pursuits knocking down boundaries.

The main theme of rising fourths in Arnold Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony No. 1 was destined to fly high and remain in the musical heavens for eternity. I am still fascinated by the notion that cosmic ideas do not always require grandiose resources, that the realisation of such ideas through the energy contained within a relatively small ensemble nevertheless reaches its goal with perfect precision."