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A Bit Above the Earth



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Indra Riše

Trīs pavasara epizodes (Three Spring Episodes)

Indra Riše

Vēja noktirne (Wind-Nocturne)

Indra Riše

Sprīdi virs zemes (A Bit Above the Earth)

Indra Riše

Purva dvēselītes (Marsh-Souls)

Indra Riše

Otrpus sliekšņa (On the Other Side of the Threshold)

Indra Riše

Awakening (Pamošanās)

Indra Riše

Tīrās blēņas (Pure Nonsense)


LMIC 034

"A Bit Above the Earth” contains compositions by a contemporary Latvian composer Indra Riše. First released in 2013, all works of this album are world premiere recordings and are arranged by the composer herself.

The clarity of Indra Riše’s musical syntaxis may be reminiscent of Danish Lego blocks, but we all know that the blocks can be used to construct amazing things. By adding an unlimited dimension of fantasy, the composer conjures up an original world in which it is interesting to spend time, feeling like a “daughter of the forest” or visiting an intangible temple of spirituality.