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Gunta Ābele - cello



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Zoltán Kodály

Sonata for Solo Cello op. 8

Pēteris Vasks

"Grāmata čellam" (Book for Cello)

Gaspar Cassadó

Suite for Solo Cello


LMIC 073

"The arrival of the cello and cellists in the 20th century was lustrous and vivid. At the beginning of the century, Pablo Casals discovered anew the unique solo suites of Johann Sebastian Bach, leading to a turning point in music history. The wondrous sound and masterful lines of the suites have inspired practically all modern-day composers who have written for the cello, including Zoltán Kodály, Gaspar Cassadó and Pēteris Vasks. The compositions included on this CD have always been dear to me in the general musical context but also specifically in terms of the cello. They differ in character and style, but they are united in their great inner strength and overflowing energy. Irrespective of the date, place and socio-political circumstances of the music’s origin, the spark to compose for solo cello caught all three composers during the maximalism of youth. Isn’t that beautiful? It is a genuine joy and positive challenge to delve into and discover the artistic depth of these compositions. When I play their music, I reveal my innermost feelings and experience great happiness."

Gunta Ābele


Dem Sog, den die in Basel lebende Cellistin Gunta Abele mit Zoltan Kodalys epochaler Cellosonate aus dem Jahr 1915 entfacht, ist nicht zu entrinnen. Der Furor wirkt körperlich, der grossartige, überaus räumlich wirkende Klang trägt viel dazu bei. Abele kostet die Expressivität knurrend aus, weiss aber sehr wohl, dass der Zug nach vorne, die Bögen und die kluge Phrasierung wichtiger sind als Effekte. 'Gramata cellam' des Letten Peteris Vasks von 1978 ist Abeles hochemotionaler Gruss an die Heimat. Mit Gaspar Cassados Suite für Cello und Pablo Casals 'Song der Vögel' sind noch zwei Werke von Cellisten zu hören, die ihrem Instrument liebevoll Hymnen schrieben. *****

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