Glance Back


Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Vassily Sinaisky - conductor


Latvian composers




Pēteris Plakidis

"Canto" ("Dziedājums")

Pēteris Plakidis

Variations for Orchestra

Pēteris Plakidis

"Legend" ("Legend")

Pēteris Plakidis

"Glance Back" ("Atskatīšanās")


LMIC 076

"It is said that Pēteris Plakidis (1947–2017) was not a prolific composer but that his compositions have always been regularly performed. The musicologist Arnolds Klotiņš says: “His compositions remain in the repertoires of musicians or return there again and again over the course of decades, and, as we know, that is a relatively rare thing in contemporary music. This love for Plakidis’ work is rooted in its accessibility to performers; his scores have a quality that is not always so common in contemporary music, namely, everything written in them – all of the texture, from monophony to aleatoric swirling – is also truly controllable by ear and justified in the actual sound.”

The truth of this statement is confirmed on this album by four of Plakidis’ symphonic works that the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) has frequently performed. Moreover, the LNSO has chosen to perform Plakidis’ work on very significant occasions, commissioning new works from him for season-opening or anniversary concerts, including in the 1970s and 80s, when the orchestra was conducted by Vassily Sinaisky. 

Plakidis’ music speaks in a very clear language and tells vivid stories. Music critics have even referred to it as crystal clear in terms of expression. However, Plakidis spoke very little about his own work, often only briefly commenting on the composition’s form or some particular technique he had applied. Nevertheless, the vivid imagery in his music sparks our imagination as well as our desire to link it with the life we all live." - Ināra Jakubone