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Latvian Radio Archive: Selga Mence


Viesturs Mežgailis - piano
Aiva Zauberga - alto flute
Agnese Rugēvica - cello
Artis Sīmanis - saxophone
Ventis Zilberts - piano
Dace Zālīte-Zilberte - cello
Ilze Dzērve - piano
Antra Vīksne - piano
Normunds Vīksne - piano


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Selga Mence

"Rudens vīzija ar nogrimušajiem zvaniem" (Vision of Autumn with Sunken Bells)

Selga Mence

Sonata-Fantasia for Saxophone and Piano

Selga Mence

Sonata for Cello and Piano

Selga Mence

“Dziesmas” divām klavierēm / Songs – a cycle for two pianos


LMIC 111

SKANi celebrates Latvian Radio 3 “Klasika” 25th anniversary with new series of 25 digital albums dedicated to 25 Latvian composers. Series contains soundtracks recorded from 1963 to 2018. Many of the phonograms have been stored in radio archives in the format of magnetic reels and are now carefully restored, digitized, cleaned of noise and magnetic damage accumulated over time by the hands of experienced sound engineers Normunds Slava, Varis Kurmiņš and Modris Bērziņš.
The 16th album in the series is dedicated to the composer Selga Mence.

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