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Eine andere Wanderer-Fantasie


Diāna Zandberga - piano



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Imants Zemzaris

"Agri no rīta" (Early in the Morning)

Imants Zemzaris

"Vēlu vakarā" (Late Evening)

Imants Zemzaris

Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Imants Zemzaris

Motives of Rainis Poetry

Imants Zemzaris

"Baltās naktis" (White Nights)

Imants Zemzaris

Five Preludes of Indian Summer

Imants Zemzaris

Piano Sonata No. 2

Imants Zemzaris

“No pavasara” (From Springtime)

Imants Zemzaris

“Eine andere Wanderer-Fantasie”


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Album "Eine Andere Wanderer-Fantasie" (Some Other Traveller-Fantasy) celebrates the 70th birthday of prominent Latvian composer Imants Zemzaris and offers an insight into an undiscovered repertoire. Performed by acclaimed Latvian pianist Diāna Zandberga, the 9 arresting pieces (18 tracks) include 8 world premiere recordings – composed between 1975 and 2019, many were only available as manuscripts and are recorded here for the first time.

The album is brought to life by esteemed pianist Diāna Zandberga. She has performed in Europe and the USA, premiered piano works by dozens of different composers, and recorded 7 piano music albums. She has performed with the Shoumen Symphony Orchestra (Bulgaria), Orquestra Simfónica del Vallés (Spain), Orchestra Filarmonica di Bacau (Romania) with Francesco Attardi in Milan Teatro dal Verme in a prestigious concert cycle Serate Musicali, and Saint-Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra KLASSIKA. From 2000 to 2004, she studied with the legendary pianist Lazar Berman at the European Academy of Music in Erba (Italy), and for the next 4 years with the world-famous Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha at the Granados Marshall Academy in Barcelona. She is a member of the Piano Department at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music.


IMANTS ZEMZARIS cut his musical teeth inside the Soviet avant garde and, in a similar way to English experimentalist Cornelius Cardew, rejected “high modernity” and tried to find a simpler way of being musical.

As the composer reaches his 70th birthday this dedicated album, featuring works for piano, includes his second piano sonata. Placed alongside the numerous preludes and interludes, it shows how the crystal-clear music is masterfully adapted for any theme or idea, be it late summers, Shakespearean sonnets or a bright early morning.

Zemzaris has had a personal fascination for me for a long time and this, a treat of a new release, could interest those eager to broaden their pool of composers. He is well worth investigating and the particularly skilful playing of Diana Zandberga makes this album especially worth adding to any collection.


Ben Lunn, "Morning Star"


This collection of piano music by the contemporary Latvian composer Imants Zemzaris’s also comes with official approval, pianist Diāna Zandberga having known Zemzaris since the mid 1990s. If you’re not won over by the album’s opener, the disarmingly beautiful “Early in the Morning” from 1975, you’ve no soul. The Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets is similarly appealing, its simple theme repeated and transformed into a fugue subject in a little over five minutes. More verse underlies Motives of Rainis Poetry, four miniatures taking inspiration from love poetry by the Latvian writer Rainis. Five Preludes of Indian Summer sound in places like Bartok folk transcriptions, Zandberga’s wordless vocalise in the final number perfectly realised.

Zemzaris’s compact Piano Sonata No. 2 has an engaging, propulsive first movement, the energy dissipating completely by the time we get to the funereal finale. And the title track, Eine andere Wanderer-Fantasie, quotes from a Beethoven song and a Brazilian jazz standard, the two worlds never quite reaching an accord. An understated delight, well annotated and beautifully performed.

Graham Rickson
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