Jānis Ivanovs. Piano Concerto, Symphonies Nos. 14 & 20


Igor Zhukov - piano
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Vassily Sinaisky - conductor
Tovijs Lifšics - conductor


Latvian composers




Jānis Ivanovs

Koncerts klavierēm ar orķestri

Jānis Ivanovs

Symphony No. 14 (Sinfonia da Camera)

Jānis Ivanovs

Symphony No. 20


LMIC 035

"Being endowed with an outstanding and uncommonly vivid miniaturist talent, Jānis Ivanovs has, nevertheless, persistently cultivated and developed the symphonic genre as a significant component of his creative work. Did he sense this and acknowledge it as his mission and life's purpose - to bring to Latvian music the scope and breadth, the almost theatrical winds of drama and tragedy so evidently missing therein? For the evolution of Jānis Ivanov's symphonies essentially is the developmental path of Latvian symphonic music in general."

Arnolds Klotiņš