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Tutti Off Duty



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Tutti Off Duty, conceived and recorded during the pandemic, consists of fragments, compositions and ideas that have all been created separately.

AUZIŅŠ, ČUDARS & ARUTYUNYAN TRIO - a contemporary jazz trio based in Riga, Latvia. Kārlis Auziņš (saxophone), Matīss Čudars (electric guitar) and Ivars Arutyunyan (percussion) are all accomplished, internationally recognised jazz musicians whose trio strives to create a genre-less world of sound founded in raw energy, emotions and evocative ideas and concepts. Although collective free improvisation is a crucial element of the trio's music, the musicians' interest in contemporary classical composition results in well-constructed frames for spontaneous creation and musical interplay. While exploring sound using electronics and extended techniques, as Latvians, the three musicians are steeped in a rich tradition of choral music and thus their music always remains melodic and with a strong link to the human voice. In 2018, the trio released its debut album Baltic, which won the Zelta Mikrofons Annual Latvian Music Recording Industry Award for best jazz album of the year. A mini-album titled Maze was released in 2020 by Jersika Records. In February 2022, the trio recorded Ecclesia Cordis for Krists Auznieks' double album Coiled Horizon, released on the SKANi label.