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Latvian Radio Archive: Pēteris Barisons


Inta Villeruša - piano
Māris Villerušs - cello
Kārlis Zariņš - tenor
Aīda Grieze - violin
Tālivaldis Deksnis - organ
Lilija Greidāne - soprano
Andris Miķelsons - baritone
Larisa Bulava - organ
Latvian Radio Choir
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Edgars Račevskis - conductor
Aurēlija Šimkus - piano


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Pēteris Barisons

"Saulrieta dziesma" (Sunset Song)

Pēteris Barisons

“Kad nāksi atkal” (When You Come Again)

Pēteris Barisons

"Rokas" (Hands)

Pēteris Barisons

"Aicinājums" (Invitation)

Pēteris Barisons

"Šūpļa dziesma" (Lullaby)

Pēteris Barisons

Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor

Pēteris Barisons

Ballad "Nāves sala" (The Isle of Death)

Pēteris Barisons

Divi klavierdarbi (Two Pieces for Piano)


LMIC 095

SKANi celebrates Latvian Radio 3 “Klasika” 25th anniversary with new series of 25 digital albums dedicated to 25 Latvian composers. Series contains soundtracks recorded from 1963 to 2018. Many of the phonograms have been stored in radio archives in the format of magnetic reels and are now carefully restored, digitized, cleaned of noise and magnetic damage accumulated over time by the hands of experienced sound engineers Normunds Slava, Varis Kurmiņš and Modris Bērziņš.

The first album in the series is dedicated to the composer Pēteris Barisons. The album highlights: the legendary voice of Latvian tenor Kārlis Zariņš, the captivating cello of Māris Villerušs and the delicate touch of pianist Inta Villeruša. 

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