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Trumpets of Angels


Ligita Sneibe - organ
Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča - soprano
Ilona Birģele - organ
Anete Toča - flute
Imants Sneibis - flute



Release date



Indra Riše Ligita Sneibe

"Eņģeļu taures" (Trumpets of Angels)

Indra Riše Ligita Sneibe

"Attālumi" (Distances)

Indra Riše

"Dziesmas par Laimi" (Songs of Happiness)

Indra Riše Ligita Sneibe

"Saules apmirdzētie" (Illuminated by the Sun)

Indra Riše

"Mijiedarbība" (Interaction)

Indra Riše

"Uguns rituāls" (Fire Ritual)


LMIC 090

"So it has occurred that the organ has played a very important role in my oeuvre, and I have written music for this instrument since I was a student. For that, I can probably thank the wonderful Latvian organists with whom I studied; we were on stage together, helped and supported each other, talked, discussed, delighted in each other’s achievements and overcame our failures together.
This beautiful, creative environment was so fertile that I eventually began composing precisely for this instrument, because I was well acquainted with their everyday life as well as the exciting concert atmosphere at the academy’s organ hall and the grand Riga Cathedral. I felt a part of the organists’ family, and it was not difficult to find support for my ideas. My most long-standing and productive collaboration has been with Ligita Sneibe, and our work is now being released in an extensive solo album. A big thank you to flutists Imants Sneibis and Anete Toča, soprano Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča and organist Ilona Birģele, who have with great enthusiasm and comprehension joined in the performance of my compositions.
I also thank the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and my wonderful friend Michael Schäfer for their financial support of this album. I hope that my music for organ will delight all listeners, including specialists in the field of music, and inspire beautiful new compositions."